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Currently the following topics for thesis are available at the professorship for Circular Economy

Ökobilanzierung der Herstellung und Anwendung von CottonidProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling
Alexander Helmbrecht, M.Sc.
Multi-regional input-output analysis to assess the environmental footprint of materialsProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling
Recent advances in life cycle assessment of circular economy systemsProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling
Life Cycle Assessments for (Bio-)PlasticsProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling
Handling uncertainties in MFA and LCAProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling
Tracking & tracing materials throughout their life cycleProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling
Multi-criteria decision analysis and sustainability assessmentProf. Dr. Magnus Fröhling

Goal and scope of the thesis will be adjusted to the type, i.e. bachelor or master, of the thesis. Theses may be written in German or English language.

If you are interested in one of the topics, pls. contact the named person with a CV and a current transcript of record.

Pls. contact Prof. Fröhling for further potential topics or if you have an own suggestion for the topic.


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