Recently, Magnus Fröhling and Anne Lange led a panel discussion featuring Simone Neumann, Matthias Wichmann, Matthias Klumpp, and Christian Thies, diving into these topics. Engaging in a dynamic conversation, the panel discussed challenges and opportunities in today’s scientific careers. Participants shared their passion for impactful research and teaching, driven by the desire to make a real difference. The main takeaway? The profession offers unique privileges, providing the chance to create significant impact and enjoy considerable freedom.

The discussion delved also into central obstacles like:

  • Navigating lengthy career paths
  • Overcoming administrative hurdles Addressing funding source challenges
  • Managing uncertainties in various aspects

A common concern shared by all was the fear of getting caught in a cycle of accumulating duties, administrative tasks, and the constant pressure to perform.

This panel discussion was part of the 84th annual meeting of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) and a joint effort of the scientific sections production, logistics, operations research, and sustainability management. Special thanks to all involved, especially Magnus Fröhling and Anne Lange, for this enriching experience, and to the conference organizers and VHB for providing an inspiring environment.​