On Friday, April 28th, a group of TUM Straubing students kicked off the project studies with the Chair of Circular Economy (Prof. Fröhling and Vanessa Heinrich) and BMW at their Research and Innovation Center (FIZ) in Munich. We had the privilege of meeting with their Circular Economy team in order to discuss our upcoming collaboration and receive an overview of the projects we are undertaking. After a short introduction from both parties, we delved into our respective projects and discussed the first steps.

We spent the latter part of the day experiencing the great privilege of touring the vehicle simulation center. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the center was a gripping inside look at the development of automobiles at BMW. We were able to tour the various simulators, each with a unique purpose within the research and development process. Being able to witness this part of the BMW research and development center was an incredible honor and gave us insights into the great amount of care and detail that goes into crafting these automobiles.

We hope to contribute to this process even by just a little with our projects aimed towards progressing sustainability at BMW, and look forward to sharing our results at the end of this semester. The automobile industry remains one of the industries with the most potential in enacting real change in how we are affecting the environment, so it is a great privilege for us TUM Straubing students to have the opportunity to join BMW in their initiatives towards building a better future for us and our planet.