In November, CirculaTUM attended the CIRCULAR REPUBLIC FESTIVAL (CRF) in Munich alongside more than 2000 industry experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and thought leaders.

As the biggest Circular Economy event in Central Europe, CRF promoted the shift towards a sustainable and circular future.

Over two days, we had thought-provoking conversations with entrepreneurs and leaders in the field. It was inspiring to see how Circular Economy principles are put into practice to create innovative, circular solutions for solar panels, textiles, lithium-ion batteries and more.

We also heard talks from Circular Economy leaders, who discussed topics including

  • Circular design;
  • Precious metals; and
  • The challenges and potencial of circular construction

Overall, the CIRCULAR REPUBLIC FESTIVAL was a great event that connected leaders tackling the transition to a Circular Economy from all directions. For more information, visit the official website of the CIRCULAR REPUBLIC FESTIVALS.


CirculaTUM @Circular Republic Festival (from left to right: Vanessa Heinrich, Vera Hueck, Ann-Christin Kessler, Tobias Schomerus)