Last week our professorship held an enriching PhD and research seminar at the TUM Science and Study Center in the picturesque locale of Raitenhaslach. This seminar provided a unique platform for in-depth discussions, insightful presentations, and valuable networking among participants.

Over the course of two days, attendees engaged in a variety of activities designed to enhance their research and academic skills:

  • Presentations & Discussions: Attendees delved into their PhD and paper projects, offering deep insights into topics such as the assessment of hydrogen-based DRI steel production and the implementation of closed-loop circularity for complex products.
  • Workshops: The seminar included workshops aimed at improving publication strategies and encouraging collaboration among researchers.
  • Bavarian Wirtshaus Dinner: Participants had the opportunity to enjoy the local Bavarian cuisine, fostering camaraderie in a relaxed setting.
  • Burghausen City Tour: A cultural expedition through Burghausen provided a captivating look at nearly a millennium of history, enriching the seminar experience.

Warm thanks to Sarah Hasslacher for her impeccable organization of the seminar and to all the participants whose contributions and discussions made this event a vibrant and productive gathering.

This seminar underscored the importance of academic exchange and reinforced the supportive and dynamic spirit of our team. We eagerly anticipate future gatherings and the continued success of our collective research endeavors.