One month of intensive and exciting research in Denmark is over! One of our PhD students (Svenja Klose) spent about four weeks at DTU in Denmark, working with Professor Tim McAloone, Professor Daniela Pigosso and Julija Metic, among others. Julija Metic is also a PhD student, and we already had the pleasure to welcome her in Straubing in May 2023. Through the exchange, we benefit from DTU’s high-level knowledge on design for sustainability which we combine with our research topics and quantitative approaches of the Professorship for Circular Economy (TUM).

The focus of our collaboration is on the Dual Circularity concept. Together with Professor Magnus Fröhling we have already published a paper at the Design Conference DESIGN 2022 in May 2022 as part of the collaboration. But this is just the beginning. Dual Circularity opens up a whole new field of research. While we have often thought in terms of isolated biological or technical cycles, Dual Circularity directs our attention to the possibility of connecting both cycles! – but only where it makes sense from a sustainability point of view…

This is where our quantitative methods come into play. Design strategies within Dual Circularity can be well tested with methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which we use extensively in our research and teaching.

We look forward to continued collaboration with DTU, exciting research results and many more opportunities to learn from and research with each other!